Monday, August 25, 2008

Doing what it takes 140 Characters at a Time @lynnterry on twitter

A friend of mine on twitter had this story about doing what it takes in 140 character increments:

So I was driving home from the city one night when this grand idea hit me square between the eyes. No recorder on hand, no paper with me...

I do find a pen though, and in the dark start jotting notes on my left hand. Lots of notes. Takes up all 5 fingers, palm & starts down wrist

Steering with knee of course, and must have been looking down long enough to miss the "reduced speed ahead" sign (oops)...

I was completely unprepared for the pull-over. Fumbled first for license, then for registration, then for proof of insurance...

Each time I handed something to him, he was trying to read my hand (lol)- flashlight pointing, head cocked to the side. And I'd jerk it back

You really had to be there (and know the nature of the notes I had on that hand lol). Told you it would lose its humor in text ;)

Lynn Terry @

A great story when you focus forward you do what it takes to grow to take a thought and materialise it in writing even if it takes a different approach. The mind is a wonderful thing and an idea is something you want to keep by whatever means. And Just as you can see Lynn Terry is well aware of that and her site has some great resources worth looking through.

A real life story and experience is always so much better, and I am sure we each have a story. Why not share yours @ iDiscuss v2.0 of Home Of Knatchwa.

For now keep doing what it takes to progress in your own life and to grow through each day in Focusing Forward.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Power of the Spoken Word In Focusing Forward

This is how the brain works Programming creates beliefs.Beliefs create attitudes. Attitudes create feelings. Feelings determine actions.Actions create results.Start with the first step. Change your programming.What would you do if you had no chance of failing? -Elizabeth

@ Dumb Little Man

This makes some great points about life and the choices we are each a part of, in the journey that is life. The power of the spoken word can make a world of difference, as my recently acquired friend @ Twitter when she was speaking on keeping things positive, focusing forward and interpreting in the best possible way to keep your mind fresh and to grow through it and become stronger because of it.

It is wonderful to see such a forward view on life and living, and as I am a recent addition to the Twitter World I can appreciate it more. There are many great resources available through this place called twitter, why not join in, and chime your views?

Further Exploration: Discussion Forum (Coming Soon)

So Now you Know What I am doing? So come and join the party @Twitter.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Focus Forward - Set the Goals in Place

When making the quality decision to Focus Forward the next step is to set the goals in place, to plan out the up and coming week as you begin this exciting journey. The process of change requires a different view and different experience. Setting goals is the key to making the change in the right direction.

In writing your goals, there is a simple format to follow:
  1. Set an Objective - Realistic and Possible
  2. Write out the Challenges that you may face in this new excursion in setting in motion the first step to walk. I call them challenges because any challenge can be overcome, using the term problems can set a series of things in motion that may not go the same way. Consider, that any experience in change will not be easy. Take an honest look at yourself and figure out some of the challenges you may face. Write Them Out right below the Objectives.
  3. Next write out the necessary Action Steps to overcome the challenges you will face in this exploration of change. In doing this you have steps to take to get what needs to be done finished and progress from there. When you write them you will overcome then.
  4. Finally, and this is usually the most fun, write out a Reward for fulfilling your goals through understanding the challenges, and executing the Action Steps to counter each challenge.
  5. To Improve this simple process, Each night Analyze what you got done that day, how you overcame some of these challenges. A clear analysis of where you are each night will improve the Clarity of the challenges you still need to overcome.

Five simple steps to begin your life changing goals, to begin to live life fully as each goal is attended to and overcome. It is not to say that it will work out every time you write out the goals only that through this simple process you became considerably more Efficient in making changes, establishing new habits that will be that magic carpet to a better future. To focus forward is not to forget about today, instead it is to take each day as a new opportunity for change, to reside in the present while taking the steps to a better future.

More Coming Soon ... Thanks for Reading .... And life is meant to be lived not just left to pass you by.

There is also an example of my own goal plan for this week ahead that cane be found: which serves as a simple example of the endless possibilities.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keep Riding - Through The Ups And The Downs

Life can be a challenge sometimes, you live you learn and you grow. Through all this you only improve, the wonder of the glass, is it does not need to be half empty, we each have a choice to interpret it as you will.

To my friend UnsafeAlpine on your health is important, and though it may be frustrating sometimes it is best to remember that even this you shall overcome. You'll be back on the bike quite soon I would imagine. And if it gets so bad couldn't hurt to explore recumbents for the increased comfort of it.

Just as each person deals with lifes on their own terms, to realize that possibilities are endless in a life that is lived fully, aware of the half full glass through the highs and lows. Recovery though sometimes difficult can only improve and so I finish, more to come at a later time.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Choice in Life - To Ride and to exist - What choose will you make?

As I was looking for possible options to prove that beyond, the videos that are apparent in the sense, they offer a view of a cyclist who commutes who makes it a point to act as a car because we each are exactly that. I was so fortunate to find this video:

Quite remarkable the song and the fact that he was acting just as a vehicle should act.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Choice In Life - Focus Forward Continues

Another day comes and Goes, More money more time. The question where does the focus forward project reside today. In the same place it always has ... As it is a choice in living and life ... that is made to be a quality decision. To enjoy your life fully ... to exist to the fullest of your potential.

To Grow and grow in your own way. Perhaps it is confusing as I have heard from some ... what this really is ... It is doing something different with your life. Taking risks, growing through them and becoming better because of it.

It is pushing the limit to bypass it and push again .... life fully lived ... so the day comes when you pass, and eventually we all will you will leave an amazing legacy in your wake whereby the generations to come will follow.

To truly make a difference in your life is a choice you must make. So I would suggest, do it and don't look back, the future is to exciting for that.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Often times I ponder what is reality?

what choice to what conclusion, where do I go from here? I know I should sleep, the hour is late and before I know it here come the day to work the story goest to wast the day working for someone else making them money and establishing your place in the rat race, the endless cycle that only put you back in the same place still struggling to stay afloat in this reality. To merely exist and to offer such a valuable commodity as your time while life passes you by and befoer you know you are along in your years and have not done anything. That is not where I watn to be so I need to change in the right direction to take back the control of my life and steer my being in the direction which has long been on my mind, to fulfill the many goals I choose, not that someone chooses for me. It is a difficult transition, though there comes a point in life where I realise my absolute goals in this life.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Overcome Holidays Blues

The holidays have come and gone a new year has dawned on us, and now it seems you are back to the daily grind of life and living. So how do you keep your spirits high and get back to the mood of the holidays past. Well start by looking forward to next year with as close as it is when time flies by so fast. Visualize the enjoyment the experience that is the holidays revisited and improved. The simple fact of using visualization will help you keep your mind focused forward. Besides it also enables you to keep your eyes and your heart on the great feelings that the holidays bring about.

Besides that, it is also beneficial to enjoy each day, maybe you do not need to say Merry Christmas though you can always just say hello and smile. Make someones day just a bit brighter as well as your own day. The power of a smile is an amazing thing harbor it and share it.

With the smiling and the hellos why not add a simple how are you to the mix? Who knows you may find more friends then you bargained for, and enjoy the times as a result. The holidays are a wonderful time of year for sure and you have the choice to make the entire year just as enjoyable.

Now your smiling and saying hello, seeing how people are, you are so focused on making the days better you may just forget the past holidays and instead look forward to next years. Visualize, Experience in your own mind. And remember the season only gets better if you can help others enjoy each day as the holidays once more and the spirits thereof become more apparent and lo and behold it is the holidays once again. Make it the best and remember it always gets better from here.

Thanks for Reading ... I wish you the best in this wonderful New Year.