Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keep Riding - Through The Ups And The Downs

Life can be a challenge sometimes, you live you learn and you grow. Through all this you only improve, the wonder of the glass, is it does not need to be half empty, we each have a choice to interpret it as you will.

To my friend UnsafeAlpine on your health is important, and though it may be frustrating sometimes it is best to remember that even this you shall overcome. You'll be back on the bike quite soon I would imagine. And if it gets so bad couldn't hurt to explore recumbents for the increased comfort of it.

Just as each person deals with lifes on their own terms, to realize that possibilities are endless in a life that is lived fully, aware of the half full glass through the highs and lows. Recovery though sometimes difficult can only improve and so I finish, more to come at a later time.

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