Sunday, May 16, 2010

Living Life - Existing Fully

Dream as if you'll live forever.  Live as if you'll die today.  ~James Dean

Putting Focus on the Future is often the most difficult step yet also the most necessary of the steps that need to be taken in order to make the quality decision to make that change to progress through the challenges and to make each day, each moment count by making the most of each. In doing that you make the first steps in the new direction.

To do that is often easier said then done, but it can be done and should be a constant in making a difference a decision that must really be made in order to step up to the plate, to make the most of your efforts and making the progress that is important through the tough times that are often inevitable in the day by day existence.

The factor that is important to be considered, in making a definitive choice to make the necessary change in order to progress through the challenges of this life. To make a quality decision, with the clear idea of living life fully that is more important then most things. Following the idea, that if you never truly live, and you just let your life pass you by you will miss so much. You only have one opportunity to make the most of this moment and the next and to make a change now to improve the future in leading by example. We as human beings always learn by observing example the factor that aligns with such possibilities. The point being the only way to make a change, is to starting changing what you do to offer a better example, to those who have yet to explore what is beyond the walls of the sheltered existence that is childhood, only seeing their parents as the example.

To change the next generation then is depending on the example the current generation sets for the children of the next generation yet to experience the world beyond this moment. They are completely dependent, on being taught what should be the future. To do that though is a long and enduring process, and is a matter of rethinking and changing the understanding of the situations by also taking the time to re-educate yourself. To Change Views - is a matter of seeing things differently, of making a slightly different choice of each matter.

In re-educating yourself to understand things differently and to progress beyond them and through them by researching the possibilities that exist beyond the current scope of vision. That is a part of the full spectrum of color that is often forgotten when the focus is only on the Black and White Aspect of it. We do not live in a Mono Chromatic world, though often it seems that is what is taught to only see red or blue, black or white, to miss the full range of colors and ideas that when seen and understood opens up the eyes and the mind the see more of the existence, more of the story. To stretch the mind just a bit, in helping to realize there is more to learn, and more to offer as an example of the importance of living life fully.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 and The Focus Forward Project

There is power in that simple sentiment, in a quote, that we the people of this world, are being relied upon to make changes in the world now for the existence tomorrow. Those who need to make the change are those who want to make the change, who don't speak of doom or gloom, as a skeptic or cynic would, but instead to make a change there needs to be a belief there can be change. There needs to be action in that objective, by people with similar focus on actual progress not digression simply because they chose to believe the skeptics or cynics.

via Home Of Knatchwa - Posterously Speaking
As 2010 begins, there are thoughts, and thinking back to days before, ideas before, that when we the people elected Barack Obama we did it for the particular idea that there was change, we needed it and he jumped on it and begun the process, speaking to it extensively. And for that we the people decided to elect him the President of these United States.

Still even today, it is a necessity beyond compare, that we as the people and the individuals who are responsible to take action on improving the environment we live in for the next generation. The idea behind Focus Forward, was to be a pad to progress, helping people live their best life. Today it continues that legacy, the difference is that with a new year beginning, many set resolutions, to make their life better, but I ask you what resolutions have you set to help the environment beyond yourself?

As focusing forward is not only a personal journey but it is one that should be duplicated, in making this world the best we can by making a difference and taking steps to progress, to enhance living, by decreasing our Carbon Footprint, doing our small part to improve society as it is today. Focusing forward is beyond just a personal event focusing forward is similar to paying it forward, that as you are living your best life help others to do the same, by being a paradigm shifter, by setting new habits and teaching how it was done. To teach is to do and to do is to live life fully by changing old habits for new ones.

How will you make a difference in the society today? Will you take the time to make a difference or will just continue on with the Mono-Chromatic views of life without purpose?