Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Focus Forward - Set the Goals in Place

When making the quality decision to Focus Forward the next step is to set the goals in place, to plan out the up and coming week as you begin this exciting journey. The process of change requires a different view and different experience. Setting goals is the key to making the change in the right direction.

In writing your goals, there is a simple format to follow:
  1. Set an Objective - Realistic and Possible
  2. Write out the Challenges that you may face in this new excursion in setting in motion the first step to walk. I call them challenges because any challenge can be overcome, using the term problems can set a series of things in motion that may not go the same way. Consider, that any experience in change will not be easy. Take an honest look at yourself and figure out some of the challenges you may face. Write Them Out right below the Objectives.
  3. Next write out the necessary Action Steps to overcome the challenges you will face in this exploration of change. In doing this you have steps to take to get what needs to be done finished and progress from there. When you write them you will overcome then.
  4. Finally, and this is usually the most fun, write out a Reward for fulfilling your goals through understanding the challenges, and executing the Action Steps to counter each challenge.
  5. To Improve this simple process, Each night Analyze what you got done that day, how you overcame some of these challenges. A clear analysis of where you are each night will improve the Clarity of the challenges you still need to overcome.

Five simple steps to begin your life changing goals, to begin to live life fully as each goal is attended to and overcome. It is not to say that it will work out every time you write out the goals only that through this simple process you became considerably more Efficient in making changes, establishing new habits that will be that magic carpet to a better future. To focus forward is not to forget about today, instead it is to take each day as a new opportunity for change, to reside in the present while taking the steps to a better future.

More Coming Soon ... Thanks for Reading .... And life is meant to be lived not just left to pass you by.

There is also an example of my own goal plan for this week ahead that cane be found: which serves as a simple example of the endless possibilities.

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