Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Power of the Spoken Word In Focusing Forward

This is how the brain works Programming creates beliefs.Beliefs create attitudes. Attitudes create feelings. Feelings determine actions.Actions create results.Start with the first step. Change your programming.What would you do if you had no chance of failing? -Elizabeth

@ Dumb Little Man

This makes some great points about life and the choices we are each a part of, in the journey that is life. The power of the spoken word can make a world of difference, as my recently acquired friend @ Twitter when she was speaking on keeping things positive, focusing forward and interpreting in the best possible way to keep your mind fresh and to grow through it and become stronger because of it.

It is wonderful to see such a forward view on life and living, and as I am a recent addition to the Twitter World I can appreciate it more. There are many great resources available through this place called twitter, why not join in, and chime your views?

Further Exploration: Discussion Forum (Coming Soon)

So Now you Know What I am doing? So come and join the party @Twitter.

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