Monday, August 25, 2008

Doing what it takes 140 Characters at a Time @lynnterry on twitter

A friend of mine on twitter had this story about doing what it takes in 140 character increments:

So I was driving home from the city one night when this grand idea hit me square between the eyes. No recorder on hand, no paper with me...

I do find a pen though, and in the dark start jotting notes on my left hand. Lots of notes. Takes up all 5 fingers, palm & starts down wrist

Steering with knee of course, and must have been looking down long enough to miss the "reduced speed ahead" sign (oops)...

I was completely unprepared for the pull-over. Fumbled first for license, then for registration, then for proof of insurance...

Each time I handed something to him, he was trying to read my hand (lol)- flashlight pointing, head cocked to the side. And I'd jerk it back

You really had to be there (and know the nature of the notes I had on that hand lol). Told you it would lose its humor in text ;)

Lynn Terry @

A great story when you focus forward you do what it takes to grow to take a thought and materialise it in writing even if it takes a different approach. The mind is a wonderful thing and an idea is something you want to keep by whatever means. And Just as you can see Lynn Terry is well aware of that and her site has some great resources worth looking through.

A real life story and experience is always so much better, and I am sure we each have a story. Why not share yours @ iDiscuss v2.0 of Home Of Knatchwa.

For now keep doing what it takes to progress in your own life and to grow through each day in Focusing Forward.

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