Friday, January 23, 2009

Focus Forward - To Exist Fully in Your LIfe.

I had always been impressed by the fact that there area a surprising number of individuals who never use their minds if they can avoid it, and an equal number who do use their minds, but in an amazingly stupid way. I was also surprised to find many intelligent and wide-awake who lived (as far as one could make out) as if they had never learned to use their sense organs: They did not see the things before their eyes, hear the words sounding in their ears, or notice the things they touched or tasted. Some lived without being aware of the state of their own bodies.
There were others who seemed to live in a most curious condition of consciousness, as if the state they had arrived at today were final, with no possibility of change, or as if the world and the psychic were static and would remain so forever. They seemed devoid of all imagination, and they entirely and exclusively depended upon their sense-perception. Chances and possibilities did not exist in their world, and in "today" there was no real "tomorrow." The future was just the repetition of the past.

from Man and His Symbols

When I saw this particular statement from Man and His Symbols, I thought about it and realized how appropriate it is to the Focus Forward Project, as the pet project that it is, and understood how correct it truly is. So much so I felt it should be shared and so here it is.

As we as people have a choice, to actually exist to live life fully or just sit on the backside and let the days fly by until you reach the end of your dash. The choice is where the power is but truly it is you and the person in the mirror who truly must reach a consensus to make that change, to expand the mind and see beyond what has always been accepted even if it did not have to be near the same.

Why not you as a person, with the free will that was given to you from so many years back, why not make the choice to make a change, to start now in this first month of January 2009, to set the resolution by year end to make the quality decision to start living your life, to experience what it is fully.

Life is for living not just existing so make the change to make some progress, it takes that first step to progress beyond now, so why not step it up and move your backside off the chair and enjoy this life, this blessing that is your life. Will you make that choice? If not why, share your comments down below.

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