Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Often times I ponder what is reality?

what choice to what conclusion, where do I go from here? I know I should sleep, the hour is late and before I know it here come the day to work the story goest to wast the day working for someone else making them money and establishing your place in the rat race, the endless cycle that only put you back in the same place still struggling to stay afloat in this reality. To merely exist and to offer such a valuable commodity as your time while life passes you by and befoer you know you are along in your years and have not done anything. That is not where I watn to be so I need to change in the right direction to take back the control of my life and steer my being in the direction which has long been on my mind, to fulfill the many goals I choose, not that someone chooses for me. It is a difficult transition, though there comes a point in life where I realise my absolute goals in this life.

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