Saturday, May 9, 2009

Focusing Forward - Lesson Learned.

"well stated, indeed there is much to consider and when you need to keep with the pulse of the network, and the machine there is not much time for much sleep. Thanks for sharing the sentiment it is appreciated. How many years were you working as an IT Consultant?"  

"....about 30 years...I held various entry level management and technical positions and finally moving to Consultant status because managing  careers of 40-60 people when you have a lousy executive VP as your boss is not good or healthy.   I did not want to put peoples careers on the chopping block and miss-lead or get their hopes up (because management said to) because it will cause me ill-fate on my performance record if I don't.....  Where I had worked, I found management types were people who wanted the be the focal point, wanted the glory, the ultimate word...but were not the personable caring types of people who would help you with your career.....their bottom line is the money......and personal glory and gratification of being on Top.......the real people are ones who are the backbone of the corp and those are the hardworking, low paid workers who don't get the respect and recognition they deserve......."

    Yeah probably for the best, it is that profit motive that can make or break a person. And to go against your own thoughts only because management says so is like being, just another pawn on a large chessboard. It is interesting though as I also consider that I strive to be an IT Consultant but as an independent entity, that takes care of my network and others that I may setup, not so much an on the job type of person, rather I would use my talents and abilities how I see fit, to make the decisions as an independent entity, a human being, who understands and realizes that within myself there is growth opportunities.

    The job is the traditional view but in that you do deal with the upper level types, and sad to say they are really only accountable to the shareholders, or a board in the upper echelon of some unnamed office building, where decisions are made like a chess game is played, the only objective increasing the bottom line regardless of what sacrifices that may entail. It is a sad but true story, and by making up your own mind to live your life to see how you choose, that is commendable and bravo to that. I have dealt with the same experiences, and I chose to no longer be a pawn even if I was aware from the outset that it would not be easy. Regardless of the work it may consist of it made sense to me to make my best effort, not even aware that the economy may go south, instead only aware that there are better things then just working a job no matter the pay they may offer.

    Whether I read to much into it or not, your statements hold so true and in your sentiment I really started to think and to remember those challenges I faced when in the job market, a slave to money, barely surviving and having to live a frugal life, simply because I made the mistake of putting all my eggs in one basket, and thinking the traditional idea held true. I learned the hard way, when I had a job that paid well, and seemed like it was something that would last, until I became a target of the management, and my only income being from that job when I lost that job the income stopped. This after I had rented my first apartment, and was getting my life together, the problem was I put it all in one basket, and if there is a hole I lose it all. After becoming a target it was only a matter of time, and the day came when I was told not to come back tomorrow. There I was, no money, no job, and an apartment that still had bills that needed to be paid, everything based on the income from a job, that ended far to suddenly and really it took me awhile but I eventually recovered. The point is that in this day and age, no matter how difficult that situation was, I chose to learn the hard lesson and to redirect my focus on making sure it did not happen again.

    I am not claiming to be a millionaire, instead I am claiming my own particular independence through pride in what I do, the enjoyment of writing and the experience of learning, to keep a website alive, to incite thought by inspiring people to realize there is more to it then the generally expected journey. That the job is nice, but you never know if it could end tomorrow and in that a life lived in fear, is that a life lived at all?

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