Monday, February 9, 2009

realizing the power of you as an individual.

If man no longer finds any meaning in his life, it makes no difference whether he wastes away under a Communist or a capitalist regime. Only if he can use his freedom to create something meaningful is it relevant that he should be free. That is why finding the inner meaning of life is more important to the individual than anything else and why the process of individuation must be given priority.

- Man & His Symbols p222 by Carl G. Jung

When I consider what it means to focus forward this quote seemed to say quite alot more then I could about the situation, because really when you consider it, to focus forward means to step outside the comfort zone of your life. Unless of course as the quote aptly states, regardless of the regime, not taking action, not making the choice to change is just fine. To truly take the step in the right direction to progress requires each person who wants to progress to take that first step. To realize we can do more when we live life fully then let life control our every aspect of our existence.

So to focus forward is to step it up, to make the first steps to make a change, to say outloud

I am tired of life controlling me, instead I am making the quality decision now to progress in my existence, it's my life and I am in control of it.

In that simple statement, that particular mantra to speak it with conviction means right here and right now you are looking at stepping out of the regime, moving away from the commonly held views and making a quality decision to focus forward in your life and to help others do the same. What are your thoughts on that? Share it in the comments.

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