Thursday, December 13, 2007

So it begans,the focus forward project 2007

I came to a realization this morning, nearing 4a as I just finished watching a film with my sister, I realized what I already knew. That many times previous I have always pushed myself to the absolute limit of my ability and beyond. And it felt good to know that even if the world did not. I realized the time had come in my life to grow, to become better then I have been before. The future is much brighter when you realize the potential in the day to day. Instead of going with the flow, I have decided I will push myself, because I know that the potential is there. The future is promising and the time is now to began, and till death will it continue. I understand better the simple fact that life is what you make of it so I have come to the decision to make it the best it can be, to explore the infinite possibilities and so it begins on this day and this hour I shall make it a point each day to put FOCUS FORWARD. To reach for the potential and to grasp it as I grow through it. Before I did it for companies, now I do it for myself and for my future a promising future full of excitement and intrigue, Join me on the journey if you like, and we can both go there. This Poem seems appropriate written at the Mucky Duck pub one night seemingly so long ago but holds all the more true in the FOCUS FORWARD project. Alone or with you truly can reach amazing levels of potentiality in this journey.

So I say let the amazing journey begin as the future brightens each day.

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